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Local Events is the consumer division of Pro Expo which produces

a series of local consumer events in Southern Nevada. These expos include Women's Expos, Family Festivals, Senior Expos, Home Shows, Health & Beauty Expos and Veterans Expos.

(702) 331-1350 |

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Pro Expo is one of the leading event managers

in Southern Nevada, helping manage

over 600 events, trade shows  and

conferences in more than 50 cities

throughout the US.

If your company needs assistance producing or managing an event,

Pro Expo can help as much or

as little as you need. Download

our flyer for more details.

Pro Expo Can Help You Produce and Manage Your Events.

8515 Edna Ave. Ste. 260 | Las Vegas, NV 89117

(702) 331-1350 | Fax (702) 331-6050 |

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